Welcome Yule:

A Midwinter Celebration

"Music, Dance, Songs, and Stories to Drive the Dark Away"

Welcome Yule is an annual celebration of the light-filled traditions of the darkest time of the year, and their roots in many ancient cultures. Held every December at The Shea Theater in Turners Falls, Welcome Yule is a family show full of music, dance, songs and stories. Explore our website and other social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube) to learn more.

Welcome Yule 2022

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Join us for our 38th Annual Midwinter Celebration! Tickets are available online at sheatheatre.org, through the links below, by email to reservations@welcomeyule.org for Will-Call tickets, or at the door of The Shea Theater (71 Avenue A in Turners Falls, MA). You can also find tickets at the following local bookstores: Amherst Books, Amherst MA; Broadside Bookshop, Northampton MA; World Eye Bookshop, Greenfield MA. Adults (17-64) $15, Seniors (65+) and Children (5-15) $12, Children under 5: Free!

This year's show includes English, Scottish, and Celtic traditions associated with Yule and Imbolc, also known as Brigit's Day, as well as the Scottish New Year, Hogmanay. The observance of Yule is one of eight special days of the year that mark the stages of the sun cycle of winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice, and fall equinox. Added special days are the days halfway between a solstice and an equinox, called cross-quarter days. Best known of these are Samhain (Halloween) and Beltane (May Day). This year we have called attention to Imbolc, which occurs on February 1st. Our show opens at daybreak in an English village at Yuletide. Relatives and friends from Scotland are visiting in the village and are encouraged to talk and share from their traditions. In the second act, the people, still in England, are on a voyage of fancy to Scotland and to its Celtic roots, now celebrating Brigit's Day, the Feast of Brigit. The people "Welcome Brigit" the bringer of Spring, melter of the snow, and keeper of the flame. Young women go from door to door to bless each house and to gather food for the feast.