Some of the arrangements of the music are done by members of the company and are available for those interested in part singing. Use our contact page to make arrangements.

Scanned copies of programs from all of our shows since 1989 are available on our Program page.

Be sure to check out our Midwinter Traditions page for a look at different Welsh customs.

The Shea Theatre
Our home for most of the last 25 years. See what else The Shea has to offer.

The Revels, Inc.
One of the original group offering seasonal celebrations. This nation-wide organization offers CD's, song books, and guides as well as yearly performances in many cities.

Nowell Sing We Clear
"Drawn mostly from English-language folk traditions, the songs tell both a version of the events and characters involved in the Christmas story and detail the customs which make up the twelve magical days following the return of the light at the winter solstice. Many of these ancient customs are the basis of the today's holiday traditions, such as visiting and feasting, gift-giving, carol singing from door-to-door and the adorning of houses and churches with garlands of evergreen."

Country Dance and Song Society
"The Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) is an association of people and groups with a common interest in English and Anglo-American folk dance, music and song." They have an online catalog of CD's, books, and videos.