2012 DVD Order Form

1 - 2 DVDs $15 each
3 - 5 DVDs $13 each
6 - 10 DVDs $12 each
11 - 19 DVDs $11 each
20+ DVDs $10 each

Mik Muller will again be recording the Saturday edition of Welcome Yule. As it was last year, it will be a three-camera shoot.

Please note:  This year the DVDs will be ready for pickup after the Sunday show. All payments must be received by that time -- or earlier if possible.

THERE WILL BE NO MAILING OF DVDS THIS YEAR. All pickups must be made on Sunday after the show.

All payments will be made in the usual manner: cash or checks in the envelope in the dressing room, or via PayPal or Credit Card in this form, and must be paid for by pickup after Sunday's show.

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These are only $10 each
These are only $10 each
These are only $10 each

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